The New Make Up Technique For Eyebrows

Eyebrows have now become very important to almost everyone on the planet. It has become an addition to all females and which is actually a point on the face that is focused on. You might not think it, but the brows have the power to bring the look on your face; from the way your face is framed and to how eye catching your face would look. You should be happy that your brows exist and is still lying on your face. Some people in the world are not so fortunate to get the beautiful brows that you do, so say a thankful prayer. But sometimes, when you get so addicted to your eyebrows and what it looks and actually maintaining it, it will get a little bit out of hand. There are many eyebrow kits that are now available that is available in gel, powder and pomade. Even though it might be a bit of work to get make up on the brow. The best available option is to try the eyebrow feather stroke Bondi, which is also known as feathering. This semi-permanent way of having your eyebrow drawn is considered to be one of the best available options for those who have trouble getting ready quickly.

Women find it very difficult to have a steady morning routine and finding the best eyebrow feathering salon will ensure that you can just wake and walk out of the house with the best brows. It is however one of the latest make up techniques that is available in the market. There are plenty of questions that need to be answered as well about this technique.

What is microfeathering?

Microfeathering is also knows as eyebrow feathering which is a cosmetic procedure that will fill each and every individual hairs on your brow using a blade. Since a blade is being used, many people are scared to do this procedure, however, the little cut does go beyond the epidermis layer. There is dye that is emitted which places itself on the cuts made. It is sort of a tattoo on your eyebrows. Hence why microfeathering is also known as feather tattoo eyebrows and feather touch brows.

How long will the microfeathering results last?

Generally the results will stick for 18 months. This duration depends on the type of skin that you have and also being exposed to other elements and the lifestyle. If you are worried that the colour of the microfeathering might not match your eyebrows, you really have nothing to worry about. The colour will be matched and you will look like you have naturally filled eyebrows after a few days of the procedure.